Arthur's ART

Paintings, Sculpture, Percussion Design 


About Arthur

I am a self taught creative person. This site contains some of my current as well as past works.

I have been active in the Washington area for over forty five years working as a painter and sculptor. One commissioned sculpture has been on display at the Hirshhorn Museum as part of the Smithsonian Associates presentation series. Two solar kinetic sculptures for Montgomery County Public Schools have been used for educational programs. I have been reviewed in a positive light by the Washington Post. Current award winning paintings are on display at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. My active support of the arts extend to the area photographers and graphic designers.

Gladys and Hot Water are both currently on display at The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts January 29 - April 9, 2017

I am honored by the award given to the painting Gladys for Best in Show.

I am a self trained creative person who


In my portraits I hope to capture some of inner qualities of the person as well as their likeness.


My years of working at a nature center put me in contact with an array of animals and my rural home keeps me in touch with the natural world from which I draw inspiration .